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The Educator Man


Once upon a time, in a little bar downtown, long ago,
Our little barmaid Suzy (always such a cutie)
Served up the beer and the hospitality.
At the bar beside me, sipping up his suds
Sat an educated man, an educator man was he,
A professional professor from the university.
In the course of conversation a topic did arise
Which brought to mind a matter solemn,
My eyes had found in newsprint column.
In quotation now I spoke the author’s name,
And Professional Professor blurted profanity,
“Thomas Sowell’s just Reagan’s nigger!!” shouted he.
And thus the conversation ended.
No ideas were discussed.
No ideas were permitted.
Which were in disagreement.
With political correctness.
Of the educated man.
The educator man.
Who really knows.
Of Truth.
But who easily outdrank me 3 to 1.

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