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Face-Off at the Capitol


The Face-Off
under the Golden Dome of the Temple of Temporal Power

The Face

On the Eastern side of the street, on the Capitol grounds,

redhead pastor


Joshua Sharf

and politicians

Tom Tancredo

urged support for Israel in the battle with Islamists.

“Tom Tancredo, the Movie”

The Prayer

Prayers were offered.

Inspirational patriotic song

“Israeli Anthem, the Movie”


and a musician of tradition with his sho’nuff Shofar

were followed by celebratory dance.

“Happy Dancing, the Movie”

Caped Superheros showed up.


To the East, the friendly long-eared Israeli Spaniel,

and to the West,
(notice how neatly I segue to War Memorial Park)


the beautiful long-haired Venezuelan Venus
and Secret Identity Man.

Real heros kept things going peacefully,

Bicycle Trooper

the police and event organizers on both sides of the street.


Viva Chavez

Somehow, Islam and Communism have developed a sort of rapport.


stand in silence

A lady in pink, holding a quote from Lincoln,
faces a street called Lincoln.

There is no singing, but there is chanting.

Palestinian Chanting, the Movie”

A reminder for the Congressman,


who once reputedly made comment about certain structures and cities.



Does it exist without righteousness and/or truth?
It is a wonderful concept.

The sidewalk was filled for the whole block
with the pro-Palestine (or anti-Israel) demonstrators.

“Palestinians on Lincoln, the Movie”

War is hell, it is said.
And it is an evil we must yet endure for a while.
May it soon end forever,
And the sons of Abraham live together in peace.
Pray for this peace.

Update 2009-01-14 2:11 PM
Other pictures of this event can be found
here and here and here and here.

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  1. Sunny permalink
    2009/01/17 06:57

    At last…fair, balanced and COLORFUL reporting. Well done.

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