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Gadsden Society Freedom Rally



Once again flags are seen under the Golden Dome of the Temple of Temporal Power


Including, on this day, flags with snakes…

The Colorado Gadsden Society held a Rally for Personal Freedom at the Colorado State Capitol on the afternoon of Sunday, March 1.

David Williams and Lenina Close of the Colorado Gadsden Society were among the speakers.

John Brackney, President and CEO, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. Mr Brackney chose to forgo the public address system, which made it difficult for my recording device to capture the audio.

Justin Longo told rally participants about Liberty on the Rocks club, where liberty lovers can socialize.

Colorado State Senator Morgan Carroll (D, S.D. 29) spoke of difficulties experienced by her Irish ancestors and about pending legislation.

Ross Kaminsky, columnist and blogger.

Wesley Dickinson of the People’s Press Collective, a website worthy of note. My apologies to Mr Dickinson for the out-of-focus video capture.

Tom Lucero, CU Regent, candidate for the U.S. Congress from District 4.
My camera malfunctioned during Mr. Lucero’s speech, so I couldn’t record the first portion.

Ryan Frazier, Aurora City Council At-Large, a great oration.

El Presidente also has video of the event. PPC has some photos, as does Mount Virtus.

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